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Drainage Superstore

Drainage Superstore offers customers over 18,000 drainage products that include channel drains, guttering, manhole covers and a selection of landscaping products. Whether you’re looking to refresh a driveway or to install new surface drainage to prevent water-logging, Drainage Superstore has everything you need plus a specially trained team ready to advise you. Rated ‘Excellent’ by their past and present customers on TrustPilot, Drainage Superstore delivers nationwide but is based in Plymouth. Flexible finance and competitive pricing makes this supplier a go-to for drainage essentials.

Domestic landscaping products like weed control fabrics, aggregates and outdoor tiles can help with the external appeal of a property, whilst channel drains and guttering can help to maintain a property. Repairing or replacing damaged or over-capacity guttering as well as laying channel drains to draw surface water away from a building is a common practice that Drainage Superstore can help with. Surface water can easily seep into the foundations of a building and cause structural issues over time if it’s not drained properly. This is especially true if the surface water is left to build up at the bottom of a sloped driveway or at the bottom of a broken piece of downpipe which is flush with the building!

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Phone Number: 01752 692221

Email Address: sales@drainagesuperstore.co.uk

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