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Cornwall Council; What barriers are in the way when landlords let to tenants with an adaptation need? Feedback from landlords required……..

Posted on June 5th, 2019

Cornwall Home Solutions within Cornwall Council operates as a home improvement agency within the county. They administer adaptations in people’s homes across all tenures, operate a Handyperson Scheme, and relocate clients with an adapted or accessible housing need into more appropriate properties.

The service head, Karen Sawyer, has advised that the number of adaptations being agreed in private rented homes are not at a high level, compared with other housing sectors.

Cornwall Council would like feedback from landlords and agencies as to what difficulties or barriers may be present which prevent landlords being able to allow adaptations or agreeing to let to those with an adaptation need.

Engagement with the private rented sector has revealed that two key barriers to adaptation were:

  1. the requirement to provide a five year lettings certificate
  2. the cost of removing adaptations and making good at the end of the tenancy.

These issues will be addressed by:

• removing the need for a lettings certificate for modular ramping and stair-lifts
• replacing the five year lettings certificate for other medium and large adaptations with a two years letting certificate
• providing financial support for reinstatement work to put property back to the original condition before adaptations were allowed

The more feedback Cornwall Council receive the better, it will help them shape an adequate response to the needs of the sector. Feedback and queries can be directed straight to Karen: karen.sawyer@cornwall.gov.uk

For more information see the Home Solutions Website; https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/housing/home-solutions/

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