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Pressure Continues on UK Government for Further Financial Support on Rent Arrears

Posted on November 26th, 2020

SWLA have been writing to all South West MPs to advise them of the difficulties that many landlords are facing when tenants can’t pay their rent due to the impact of the coronavirus crisis. When there are large amounts of arrears, landlords often have no choice but to serve tenants’ notice. Landlords are faced with a long wait for possession whilst rent arrears accumulates. Despite many MPs replying to our lobbying, we are yet to receive a response from Ministers, however, we are working hard in voicing the struggles that landlords are facing.

SWLA have a newly formed ‘MP Panel’ made up of SWLA members from each constituency. The panel member simply forwards SWLA letters to their MP so that our member’s voices are heard across the region. It has been a great success so far and we would like to thank those members who are members of the panel. If you are interested in joining the panel, please contact the SWLA office.

Many other leading professional landlord/letting bodies, charities and building societies, are urging the UK Government to provide financial help to private renters who have been thrust into rent arears during the economic impact of Coronavirus.

As the financial fallout continues, the need to sustain tenancies wherever possible is paramount. The best way to ensure this happens is to make sure that tenants are able to pay their rent. A financial package should include boosting emergency funding to councils for interest free grants to support those in receipt of benefits and Government-guaranteed hardship loans for tenants, like the schemes developed in Wales and Scotland.

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