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Energy Saving Grants

Energy Saving Grants are able to help Landlords obtain funding to improve the energy efficiency ratings of their properties, to help comply with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES).

The MEES regulations currently require all domestic rental properties to have a minimum EPC rating of an ‘E’. However, this is proposed to increase to a minimum of a ‘C’ rating.

There are numerous Government initiatives available to help Landlords comply with the MEES regulations.


Tenants do not necessarily need to be in receipt of any benefits to qualify for funding.

The main requirements for the current grant schemes are that the property needs to be occupied and that the property doesn’t have a MAINS GAS Central Heating system installed.

There is currently funding available for the following energy efficiency measures:

–          Loft Insulation

–          Wall Insulation (both Solid wall insulation and Cavity Wall Insulation)

–          Air Source Heat Pump Central Heating Systems

–          Solar PV (if the roof is suitable)

–          Room in Roof Insulation


The amount of funding available varies from one property to another and is calculated on the amount of carbon dioxide that will be saved by installing the insulation or heating measure. We arrange a free, no obligation survey of your rental property and guide you through the grant application process. You do not have to pay us for this service and the only paperwork you would need to complete is a Landlord permission form to allow for any work to be carried out.

Please note that the funding does not allow for mains gas boilers to be replaced.

If a property has an Oil or LPG Boiler then we may be able to obtain funding for a renewable energy central heating system to be installed (normally an Air Source Heat Pump with Solar panels on the roof to provide free electricity).

The grants are constantly changing and are allocated on a first come first served basis. Please get in touch with us if you would like more information and to apply for the funding.

Phone Number: 0330 2230333

Email Address: info@energysavinggrants.org



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Phone Number: 0330 2230333

Email Address: info@energysavinggrants.org

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