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The West Country Bailiffs ‘Landlord Assist Bailiff Attendance’ service is the perfect solution if the landlord has been awarded a possession order by the court but the tenants have failed to leave by the date ordered.

If it becomes necessary for your tenant to be evicted by the bailiffs, the landlord or their representative will be required to attend. A locksmith may also be required to gain entry and fit new locks after possession.

We understand that this isn’t always practical or possible and through the ‘Landlord Assist Bailiff Attendance’ service, a member of the WCB Team will attend and take care of the whole process, ensuring a successful possession and less stress for the landlord.

What is included in the ‘Landlord Assist Bailiff Attendance’ service is as follows:-

  • Draft and file required court forms
  • Completion of bailiff risk assessment
  • Relevant fees paid through our court account
  • Nearest possible eviction date secured
  • WCB Agent to attend on the eviction date
  • Eviction recorded using Body Worn Video
  • Welfare Team solutions offered to ex tenants
  • Accredited locksmith attendance arranged
  • Full condition report including images
  • Property left secure
  • New keys delivered to landlord / agent
  • All fees / costs covered

This service is charged at £725+VAT (Discounted to £495+VAT) for SWLA members.

For more information on these services please contact one of our helpful team on 01803 895441 or email to enforcement@westcountrybailiffs.co.uk

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Phone Number: 01803 895441

Email Address: enforcement@westcountrybailiffs.co.uk

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